Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Another one bites the dust.

RIP Reese and Ryan. I thought you'd make it. I really did.

Happy Halloween! This is actually the first year I will actually hand out candy to trick or treaters (at my parents' door). Kids don't seem to gravitate towards shitty college/law school apartments in search of candy on Halloween. So I'm a little bit excited for tonight.

Monday, October 30, 2006

T minus...who the fuck knows.

It's really not fair. Why do some states give people a definite date by which the bar exam results will be posted and other states delight in torturing us down to the last possible second by only giving a vague "early November" time frame? Ok, I know thousands of people took the damn exam, and thousands of essays had to be graded (glanced at), but really, if they just gave themselves a deadline I'm SURE they could meet it or beat it. They are, in fact, lawyers. Aren't we supposed to live by deadlines?

Now, being one of those crazy gluttons for punishment who decided it was a good idea to take two bar exams in the span of three days, one of which is notoriously the most difficult second only to that of that big state across the country that I love to visit but never to live in, I am expecting the earlier result by the end of this week or next. It will be the one for whose essays I studied all of 3 hours the night before. Needless to say, I'm banking on the MBE. Rather, I'm banking on PMBR's projected 36 point "curve" to save me.

About the whole blogging thing. I know this is just one more in the vast universe of self-pity/love me/save me/I'm smarter than you/I'm cooler than you online angsty confessionals out there. Work with me.

Yay! Friday Night Lights is on at ten. I hope the switch to Mondays is an attempt to boost ratings. For someone who knows less than nothing about football, it's a damn good show. Watch it. I'm smarter than you.