Friday, August 29, 2008


Because I find nothing but insult in the argument that disaffected Clinton supporters will vote for McCain simply because he picked a woman for the VP slot. Let's not even discuss the fact that she appears to be even less qualified for the office than Harriet Miers was for the Supreme Court. Seriously. It's certainly a role of the dice, but I wonder whether the Republican operatives are on acid.

I've been "working" at home today, and have gotten close to nothing done thanks to this insane announcement.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Apparently my blogging will be in list form for the foreseeable future.

I have less than zero energy but lots of random thoughts, so here goes:

1. Watching a woman pop her boyfriend's zit on the subway was probably the most disgusting thing I've ever seen up close. *Shudder*

2. Michelle Obama rocks the sheath/shift dresses. Screw suits!

3. I really hope that moment when Sasha Obama grabbed the mic to speak to her daddy was unscripted and unplanned. Because it was totally adorable.

4. I was THIS CLOSE to walking out the door at 5pm with visions of pajamas and a glass of wine awaiting me when OF COURSE I got sucked back in by a phone call which took two hours to fully deal with and will make my day sucktastic tomorrow.

5. September? Next week? What???

Friday, August 22, 2008

Five reasons why the suburbs are awesome.

1. Falling asleep to the sound of crickets is way better than falling asleep to the sound of traffic.
2. Target.
3. Supermarkets where more than one cart can fit down an aisle.
4. Soapnet. (Which is not included in my stupid NYC Time Warner Cable package. Damnit.)
5. Driving to restaurants instead of schlepping around on the subway.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So, I got to interact with this man again today. Mmmm. All aflutter.

And now, at 9pm, I get a heads up phone call that the bosses have rearranged our entire suite of offices, and starting tomorrow I'm in a different office, where I will be sharing with the new attorney when she starts after labor day. This wasn't a surprise at all - it's what I've been mad about for weeks - but I didn't think they were moving stuff around today. Apparently they got in the zone and decided to stay late and be manly and move furniture. I can just see them shedding their ties and rolling up their sleeves.

So why do I feel a little violated? Because I wasn't ready for it? Because they moved all my stuff and files and papers which were in semi-messy but still organized-to-me piles which I'm now going to have to go through and organize AGAIN tomorrow before I leave for my mini-vacation of all of three days off?

I have to run 8 miles in the morning and be at the office (in my NEW office, ugh) at 9 to prep a witness before a 10 am deposition. This means I have to get up at like 5. Awesome! So excited.

I'm going to bed.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

So. Freaking. Tired.

I'm definitely not eating enough. What seemed like 7 easy miles yesterday morning followed by a crazy day at work and barely any lunch plus working late resulted in leaden legs this morning for what was supposed to be the easy 4 mile run. Shit. This does not bode well for 15 on Saturday. I really have to pay more attention.

Also, everything just sort of aches. I may need to splurge for a massage.

Gymnastics final tonight in the all around competition. Does anyone else want to just give Alicia Sacramone a big hug? The fact that those girls (and Marta Karolyi, who you KNOW was doing the whole smile and hugging thing ONLY because the cameras were in her ugly mug of a face) were disappointed in the silver medal is, well, sad. However, I also think it's fucked up that no one is really questioning the Chinese girls' ages. I don't care what you say about ethnic differences in body types. A few of those girls are NOT 16 years old.

God. Are you ever so tired you want to cry? The fact that when my head hits the pillow I start thinking about motions I have to write does not help.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Because I'm Lazy.

10 things you didn't know about me:

1. I have a debilitating fear of the ocean. Seriously. It's big. And scary. And dark. The ocean at night? I would sooner commit murder than go near it.

2. I quit gymnastics when my sadistic coaches tried to make me do a back handspring on the high beam before I could really do it on the low beam. Visions of a split skull invaded my 7 year old brain, and I knew this wasn't for me.

3. One of my fondest memories of childhood is watching 20/20 "with Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters" with my grandmother on Friday nights before she passed away.

4. Sometimes, when I feel stress/worry/fear/anxiety overtaking my psyche, I hit play on one of my DVR'd episodes of ER (TNT, 10 and 11 am weekday mornings) or The X Files (SciFi, 2am and 4 pm weekdays) and watch while simultaneously reading along to that specific television without pity recap. It calms my mind and makes me smile. Yes, I'm a dork.

5. My first kiss was perfect. (And it's all been downhill since.)

6. My right thumb is about half an inch shorter than my left thumb. No, I never sucked my thumb. I think it's a sign of intelligence.

7. Unless we're talking about a month long monsoon, I generally prefer rainy/cloudy days to overtly bright and sunny ones.

8. I have never eaten a single bite of red meat. Ever.

9. My torts outline from 1L year is floating around on the internet, and I have no idea how that happened considering I was not an outline sharer.

10. I truly need 9 hours of sleep per night. I'm pretty sure I'm not meant for this world.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yeah right.

Has anyone seen the McDonalds commercials that are running non-stop on NBC, in which Olympic athletes are espousing the wonders of some chicken sandwich which NONE OF THEM HAVE EVER OR WILL EVER EAT?

It really fucking bothers me.

Friday, August 08, 2008


Ok, I totally wish I could be there. Instead, I'm here. Sniffling with a cold in August. Who gets a cold in August? Me.

John Edwards may be a douchebag. But he's still a smart one. Finally coming (semi)clean on a) a summer Friday, b) the day the Olympics start, and c) appearing only on Nightline at 11:30 pm? Yes, it will run continuously over the weekend and coming weeks, but it's no Elliot Spitzer press conference.

Back to the opening ceremonies. I'm sure I will cry at some point over the next two weeks of these games. Why not start now?

Oh man. Chicago's up for the 2016 Summer Olympics, which is AWESOME. But you know what would be more awesome (and really only because I live here)? NEW YORK CITY hosting the Olympics. Maybe someday.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Dog Days.

Literally. Chloe had a vet appointment yesterday for her annual shots and check-up, and while the vet proclaimed she is very healthy for a girl of her age (15 in September! and hell, she was walking better than I was yesterday after my 13 miles), I agreed that she should undergo yearly blood tests to make sure everything is on track. So, $360 later, we left the vet's office. Now, granted, this included the exam, regular vaccines, three months of worth of Frontline, plus the blood panel. But. Jesus. Christ. For years she had been going to a family friend near my parents' house who charged us well, family friend prices. Now I have New York City prices. Hmmph. But, she's my girl. What can I do, right?

It's August. As in, I need a vacation. I haven't planned to go anywhere, and truthfully, can't afford anything lavish (see above) and have reached an age where going "home" for a week...doesn't sound very relaxing. Is it wrong to want to take a few days and head to a bed and breakfast all alone and do nothing but sleep, eat, and read (Beach Music!)? Yes, and run. Do single people really take single vacations? Or is that something we only see at the beginnings of sappy movies where the heroine laments her lonely life before meeting the perfect guy? See, Under the Tuscan Sun, Message in a Bottle. Ok, so they both loved and lost in those movies, but at least there was some adventure and drama in the middle.

Even Congress is on vacation. Not that they get much done when they're in session, but for the next five weeks they don't even have to pretend to get stuff done. Speaking of talking about doing stuff but not actually doing it, the election is soon, people! Like, really soon. We've been campaigning for basically for years, but the big day is 3 months away? How'd that happen? Shouldn't we have running mates at this point? Who? What?