Monday, November 27, 2006


Why do I read articles like this? Can one of these people just sponsor me and pay off my loans? It would seriously be pennies for them.

Also, some of these so-called "facts" are completely antithetical to a reality that I along with thousands of others have experienced:

"The American Bar Foundation, a research group, has found in its surveys, for instance, that fewer law school graduates are going into public-interest law or government jobs and filling all the openings is becoming harder."

Oh, REALLY? I guess that's why the Suffolk County DA's Office in Boston gets over 800 applications each year and hires about 20 people, or why the DA's offices in each of the NYC boroughs get 1500 applications each year and each hires about 50 people. Yes, filling all the openings is clearly becoming harder.

Fucking New York Times.

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