Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blogging from my phone during CLE.

I hate CLE requirements. They are useless and stupid and solely moneymaking entities. I'm a lawyer. The whole point is I'm educated enough to look up what to do if I don't already know what to do.

Oh. My. God. Has anyone ever died from boredom? I would review cases I have shoved in my bag right now but I think if I billed for the time I was in CLE my boss might get concerned that I wasn't paying attention in the overpriced class he paid for. Not that I didn't have to practically threaten to quit to get them to pay for this crap. Jeez.

I am definitely not the only one glued to his or her phone right now...


Thinking Fool said...

I usually end up drawing pictures of being executed and share them with my neighbors.

Harmless Error said...

That sounds about right.