Sunday, March 29, 2009


I've been feeling it lately. In the subway. On the street. In bars and restaurants. In the courts. The fact is simple: there are too many freaking people in this city. I snapped at a crazy bag lady on the subway yesterday because she kept telling people to move into the train (usually a sentiment I agree with) except there was nowhere to move. Usually you just roll your eyes and plug your earphones in against crazy bag ladies. But I couldn't take it.

Maybe it's spring fever and I need to just get away for a few days. Do people really take vacations by themselves? I'd love a spa weekend with girlfriends but totally can't afford it. My loan payments are going up by $76 this month. Awesome.

I saw Duplicity yesterday. Disappointing. Maybe I was expecting too much after reading a few glowing reviews. Despite the witty banter and star chemistry, I think I just can't get into things that are all about money. It's everywhere and nowhere at the same time. You can't turn on the news without being bombarded with dire predictions about how we're all financial idiots, and yet, the next segment is about recession-priced vacation packages.

Haven't done my taxes yet. Gah. Clearly I'm not as Type A as I pretend to be.

On a random positive note, who knew that Grey's Anatomy still had the ability to churn out a damn fine episode?


Thinking Fool said...

My #1 movie-going tip: If Clive Owen is in it, beware. Most of his movies make you want to shoot yourself.

Lee Ryan said...

I'm originally from Wisconsin; we get chest-pains if someone stands within 48" of us. I hate subways too.