Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Taking A (Slightly) Sick Day

This is my second sick day in over two years of work. Not bad, right? There have probably been some times where I should have stayed home and didn't, so the fact that today I really COULD go to work and am not...balances out. I do feel like crap - overly tired, three day old dull headache, stuffy, but it's probably not enough to truly take a sick day. And yet I do not care, because, seriously, one sick day in 2+ years, remember? And on the rare day where I have no court appearances and would just sit in my office staring at the brief on my computer screen, billing 8 hours of "administrative time" for a sick day is surely the better choice.


The Artful Blogger said...

Good for you! I think that in the time of billing so many hours, preventative sick days (getting rest to PREVENT sickness) is extremely important. I am working from home now after having billed 45 hours in less than 4 days. Sure, I am exhausted, but that allows me the opportunity to recover for the next round!

I hope that you enjoyed your day. Happy weekend!

FreeRangeHuman said...

Nice work! If you want to feel even better about it, imagine how many people you would have infected if you went in - and how much that would have cost your company. Honestly, they owe you.

(PS: came across your blog randomly - love your writing. You remind me of how I sounded until I jacked in corporate life last year...)

Thinking Fool said...

You should take more sick days. They exist for a reason. Plus, why take the chance on making other people sick!