Thursday, July 30, 2009

I really am a girl. Fuck.

Grace is right that talking about relationships is a snoozefest. However, I have nothing else right now to talk about. And I've bothered my friends with this enough today. So.

The boy and I have been going strong for five months. We know each other's friends. We email multiple times per day. We see each other most weekends.

Last night, on the advice of numerous people who told me it was NO BIG DEAL, I casually, in the context and midst of various other things, asked him in an email if he had ever mentioned me to his parents. Who he lives about twenty miles from. And emails with "regularly".

I haven't heard from him all day. ALL DAY. (No, he's not just busy. People with iphones who email you sports articles you couldn't care less about are not that busy.)

Why. WHY did I do that? I was curious! It wasn't a big deal! Did I freak him out? Everything everything EVERYTHING points to us being in a real relationship.

I know that we both have strong feelings. Why would this freak him out?

I was watching He's Just Not That Into You a few weeks ago, and laughing (pitying) the sad girls who screw things up with men. Never ever have I been that girl. A few months ago I didn't even know if I really liked him. Well, I do. Clearly.

I'm having another glass of wine. I will not email him again. This is ridiculous.

Thanks to me being a girl, I billed about .2 hours today.

Check that. (Meaning everything above.) Now I'm just mad. mad mad mad. If he's this weirded out by a simple question like that I think we have bigger issues happening here.

At 8:51pm I received the following as part of a longer email:

"I have indeed mentioned you to my fam. I've talked to my mom, sister, and granddad about you. I don't talk to my dad about stuff and my grandmom is getting kind of senile."

Jesus Christ. I'm not cut out for this.


JD-Maybe said...

How funny, I totally just accidentally found your blog. I'm dealing with the same crap and at 5 months also. I'm being patient with the family thing. Good to know im not the only person who just found out I am a girl too....

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

So um. I read your post and all I can say is "Hmm. He seems to be rather fond of you." Which, you know, in stranger speak is probably a good thing?

That and here's my story that might make you feel better:

When B and I were first dating it was clear that we were both super-into each other. Somewhere along the way I mentioned I had a wedding in Louisiana to attend near New Years and if he wanted to tag along with me that it could be a fun trip, but if not, no big deal. Of course my five closest girlfriends from college were attending and we sent about 45 emails back & forth, filled with many personal details, comments, jokes & of course itinerary planning for the trip. When it was time for me to send in the response card I asked B if he wanted to join and he asked me to forward him the travel info so he could make sure it fit with his work schedule. Lo & behold, I forwarded him the most recent email with the plans....forgetting that pesky button in Gmail that lets you expand the email and read all the past crapola before it.

Right. Buried in there among the gems was a discussion on "and guest" and me saying to all of them "Well I invited this ___ ___ ____ great guy and I really ___ ____ ___ but he's being super lame and won't tell me if he's coming because you know, men suck and ___ ___ ___.

Yeah he expanded that email, found out all our dirty secrets & exactly what I thought about his two months of pondering the trip.


Since we are getting married in 2 months I'd say it worked out ok.

Harmless Error said...

Daisy, I hope somehow someone weaves that story into your wedding day:)

Anonymous said...

be cool, Yolanda.

Kelly said...

I too just found your blog. (Because it's Friday evening and I'm supposed to be preparing for a Saturday deposition and/or drafting an appellate brief due Wednesday). We're 10 months in, but he hates to talk about "things." His folks live a state away and we have been BEYOND crazy busy for several months, and he hasn't been to see them since Christmas (point being, I've not met them). No issue there, except last month something made me suspect he hasn't even mentioned me. After 10 months. That would upset me, I must admit. Guess I too, am a girl. An independent one, but still a girl. I suppose I could just ask him...sigh.

Anonymous said...

welll well well. what do we have HERE