Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things I Don't Understand

Why it takes me an hour to fall asleep every night.

Why a certain very large bureaucratic financially stupid client expects that a complicated summary judgment motion can be completed in 8 hours.

The Duggar Family.

Spending money to have another woman paint my toenails. (Sorry. I just don't like it.)

Iran's "free" elections.

CNN's obsession with Facebook and Twitter.

Why people in my building do laundry (the machines are 10 feet from my door) at 2am.

People who have cars in Manhattan.

Why Season 3 of "Once and Again" isn't on dvd.

My dad.

Hoda Kotbe's decision that the fourth hour of Today would be good for her career.

Why I love Edward Cullen.

1 comment:

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