Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Water to Wine. And other things.

It wasn't too long ago when a cup of tea after a long day would (temporarily) solve all my problems. A glass of wine has replaced the cup of tea. Is this a problem? (Aside from the extra 120 calories per day?)

I ran in a downpour this morning. Cats, dogs, birds, and snakes. (Or at least worms. Ew. I hate the post-rain wormy ground.)

I miss Chloe resting her head on my ankle and snoring.

I can't get enough quality time with the boy. Which consists of spooning, watching movies, cooking dinner, and forcing myself to keep up with him on a run.

I'm on auto-pilot at work. I'm doing it. I'm doing a lot. But I don't care about it. Shouldn't I care about it? Am I $150K in debt (principle balances never to decrease) for something where I don't care about the outcome of a case as long as my work product was up to par?

John and Kate and the Octomom? They should all fall off a cliff. What about the kids, you say? Well, I was never one for the importance of biology.

Heidi and Spencer should also fall off a cliff. Into a river of crocodiles. And acid.

I'm usually ready for winter by July 4th. It happened about a month early this year. Fuck.


Dysfunction Junction: said...

Ugh...the worms. If you see a small girl stepping/bouncing around the Chi, it's me.

Avoiding those squishy fuckers like the plague. They even smell gross.

Thinking Fool said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Chloe. :-(

But I'm excited to hear about the boy! I hope that continues to go smashingly.

Anonymous said...

120 kcal? That's only a fourth of a bottle - what kind of lame glass of wine are you pouring :)

You should consider doing a post about peanut butter and the need to refrigerate certain types.

Good news on the relationship. Does he have any attractive sisters who are willing to settle for less?